Just Socks

Cables and Lace patterns for the CSM


The book includes these patterns:

   #1   Basic Cable Sock

   #2   Triple Cable Sock

   #3   Diagonal & Diamond Cable Sock

   #4   Small Twisted Cable Sock

   #5   Small Diagonal Cable Sock

   #6   Wavy Diamond Cable Sock

   #7   Large Twisted Cable Sock

   #8   Lace Diamond & Cable Sock

   #9   Chevron & Rib Sock

  #10  Heart & Rib Sock

  #11  Cabled Diamond Sock

  #12  Eyelet In Cable Sock

  #13  Diagonal & 2-Stitch Cable Sock


I am so amazed at the beautiful designs that can be knit on the sock machine.


“Just Socks” cables & lace – consists of 13 sock patterns, geared to the intermediate/experienced knitter with cables, ribs & lace. (I have experimented substituting a mock rib in place of a rib stitch for those who do not use their ribber attachment – and a similar effect is achieved, though not the exact.) The cable is a 3-stitch cable, as taught to me by Mary Walton. So any machine able to knit a 3x1 rib can be used. I knit all the patterns shown on the 72 needle cylinder, though diagrams are also given for the 60 & 54 cylinders.

Price:  $27 + $3 sh/h = $30

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